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Facts at a glance:

  • Unified operating desktop for all fieldbus systems
  • Supports all Slaves
  • Graphical input of the fieldbus system
  • Configuration of the individual bus devices
  • Plausibility testing of the bus parameters and the process image
  • On-line diagnostic and statistic functions
  • Writing and reading I/O data
  • Export functions
  • Uses GSD, EDS or other device description files
  • OEM version can be provided



Basic version System Configurator

SyCon® is the universal System Configurator with a unified user desktop for all our PC cards. As a basis for the configuration, so-called device description files or electronic data sheets (EDS file), in which the characteristics of the bus device are defined, are used. These are standardised for some fieldbus systems and are supplied by the device manufacturer. For other cases, SyCon® offers this function for input. The bus structure is determined by means of a graphical Editor and the individual participant are placed. A double click on the participant opens the corresponding configuration window. In a table there are displayed all the possible modules or data from which the current participant configuration will be created. The address of the data in the process image is issued manually or automatically by the Configurator. The parameterisation of the participant is carried out by means of the selection or entry of the values of the respective fieldbus system. The final step is the defining of the bus parameters. This is limited to the definition of the transmission rate, as all other parameters are independently calculated on the basis of the data in the device description files.
All process variables can be provided with a symbolic name. These are made available as an interface to a primary visualisation or SoftPLC or for our OPC Server. In this way the entry and comparison of variables addresses becomes superfluous.
SyCon® offers comprehensive diagnostic aids. In the diagnostic mode all the statues of the devices are cyclically called up and presented in red or green depending on whether a data exchange is taking place with it at the time. By double clicking on 'red' bus participants, the cause of the error is shown in clear text as far as possible. Further functions include the reading out of error saves, display of statistic counters and the input and output of process data.
SyCon® is provided in a basic version with every device. A maximum of two bus participants can be configured with it. This limitation for the respective fieldbus system is lifted by means of a licensing code.

Description Basic version System Configurator
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System Requirements  
PC min. 486 with CD-ROM
Disk space min. 10 Mbyte
RAM min. 16 Mbyte
Graphic resolution min. 800 x 600
Operating system Windows 95 / 98 / ME
Windows NT / 2000 / XP


sycon295400zip.zipLink para download