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netLINK PROXY integrates any PROFIBUS-DP slave in a superordinated PROFINET network. As connector the device is plugged directly onto the PROFIBUS-DP interface of the DP-Slave and connects to the PROFINET network via the RJ45 socket.
On PROFINET side netLINK behaves like an ordinary IO device. The DP-Slave’s process data are mapped in accordance with the present PI-organisation’s guideline into the PROFINET slot/subslot addressing model.
Commissioning is done via the PROFINET port with either a direct connection to the PC or if already installed and during run-time via a PROFINET switch. netLINK PROXY is configured with the FDT/DTM based planning, configuration and diagnostic tool SYCON.net.
With few steps netLINK is getting operative. In case there is no slave GSD file available, a scan function is able to identify the slave on PROFIBUS. When the configuration and the I/O process data length is known, SYCON.net converts the parameters automatically into a standardized GSDML file. This file imports to any PROFINET controller configuration utility and gets netLINK into operation effortless.
The netLINK Proxy is supplied by 24 V. During mounting the voltage can be tapped comfortably from the DP-Slave and be led to the 2-pin COMBICON connector. The short distance on PROFIBUS makes a terminator unnecessary.
netLINK PROXY – a cost-efficient and handy alternative to redevelopments to get existing DP devices integrated straightfor-ward into the PROFINET world.



  • Integrates a single DP-Slave into PROFINET network
  • For direct mounting on DP interface
  • Compatible to any PROFIBUS node
  • Automatic GSDML file generation from GSD file for PROFINET import
  • Works in accordance with PI-organization’s proxy guideline
Product NL 51N-DPL
Description PROFIBUS to PROFINET PROXY in a connector
Processor netX 50
Supply Connector Mini COMBICON 2-pin
Plug connector RJ45 female connector,DSub 9-pin male connector
LED display SYS, COM, Link, Rx/Tx
Operating voltage 18 - 30 V / 100 mA at 24 V
Operating temperature 0 °C - 50 °C
Dimensions (LxWxH) 65 x 48 x 16mm
Mounting onto PROFIBUS female connector
Weight approx. 100 g
CE sign Yes
Emission CISPR 11 Klasse A CISPR 11 Klasse A
Noise immunity EN 61131-2: 2003


d_4b7a9ef6b1319_uk.pdfLink para download