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3-Gigabit-Modular-Slots Chassis L2 + Managed Switch with 
12-48V DC Redundant Power Supply socket

  • Maximum 24xGigabit T / SFP connectivety
  • Advanced SNMP functionality for L2plus
  • Supports IGMP v1, v2, v3**


    Lantech LGS-2300-RPS is a full SNMP L2+ / Web managed switch that suits FTTX Ethernet network, Campus network, Surveillance control room network in aggregation point. The RPS (redundant power supply) can secure the switch from downtime or to be used in Telco environment that requests -48V power input.

    The unique features of LGS-2300-RPS are ACL 256 List*, IP address security, Mac address filtering, Static Mac filtering for big network security. The bandwidth control and rate shaping are ideal for ISP or Campus administration to allocate appropriate bandwidth within big network. The DHCP server, client function can manually configure a specific IP address, or direct the device to obtain an IP address from the network. It also supports Quality of Service (QoS), which adjusts the network traffic priority, for example, video and voice packets as high priority , in which it supports 8 priority queues with Cos (Class of Service) standard. The Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP Query & Snooping) manages the multicast packet application in the network without congest the network, for on-line study or video conference applications. The SNTP and SMTP functions can immediately alert up to 10 email accounts for any events of the switch.email accounts for any events of the switch.

    Three (3) Modular Slots designed in 1 u compact size provides the maximum resilience link in mix of Fiber and Copper cables where meets every network demand.


 3-slots Gigabit Module Hot-swappable managed switch

 48G Switching capacity; Redundant Power Supply (DC12 to 48V)

 Supports 8 - 10/100/1000T module, 8-port Mini GBIC module, 4-port GigaT Copper & 4-port MINI GBIC module

 SNMP/RMON1/Telnet/CLI/Web management

 Supports Jumbo frame up to 10K

 SNMP v1,v2c; SNMP Trap

 Port Based VLAN /802 .1Q VLAN; 256VLAN groups

 Double Tag VLAN support**

 IEEE 802.1ab Link Layer Discovery Protocol(LLDP)

 QoS with 8 priority queues:

  • Port based / Tag based
  • IPv4 TOS; IPv4 DiffServe

 IEEE802.1d STP /802.1w Rapid STP/802.1s Multiple STP**

 IEEE802.3ad port trunk with LACP

 IGMP v1, v2, v3**

 Bandwidth control; Rate shaping

 Up to 10 IP Access Security; Mac address filtering; Static Mac filtering Multicast filtering

 IEEE 802.1x user authentication

 Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP)

 SMTP supports for 2 email servers; each server supports up to 5 email addresses

 DHCP client and DHCP Server; DNS client

 Port security, Port mirror

 256 ACL List*

Hardware Specification


IEEE802.3 10BASE-T
IEEE802.3u 100BASE-TX
IEEE802.3z Gigabit fiber
IEEE802.3ab 1000Base-T
IEEE802.3x Flow control and Back pressure
IEEE802.3ad Port trunk with LACP
IEEE802.1d Spanning tree protocol
IEEE802.1s Multiple spanning tree**
IEEE802.1w Rapid spanning tree
IEEE802.1p Class of service
IEEE802.1q VLAN Tagging
IEEE802.1x user authentication
IEEE802.1ab LLDP


RS-232 console: Female DB-9
Gigabit copper module: 8 x RJ-45
MINI GBIC module: 8 x MINI GBIC socket
4 Gigabit Copper & 4 MINI GBIC module: 4 x RJ-45 + 4 x 3.3v MINI GBIC Socket.

Switch architecture

Store and forward switch architecture with Back-plane up to 48Gbps. Packet throughput ability (Full-Duplex): 
71.43Mpps @64bytes

MAC address

16K MAC address tables with auto learning function.

Packet buffer

6Mbits for packet buffer.

Jumbo frame

10 KB

Flash ROM


System memory



System Power(Green ) 10/100/1000TX module: 1000Mbps, Link/Activity(Green ), Full duplex/ collision(Yellow) 8 Port MINI GBIC: Link/Activity (Green ) 4 Port Gigabit copper + 4 Port MINI GBIC module: RJ-45 (1000Mbps, Link/Activity (Green ) Full duplex/ collision(Yellow)), MINI GBIC (Link/Activity)(Green)

Power supply

AC 100~240V 50/60Hz ,Redundant Power: DC (12V~48V)

Power consumption

Watts (Maximum)


2 FAN with fail detection

Operating environment

0?~45?, 5%~95%RH

Storage environment

-40?~70?, 5%~95% RH

Environment monitor

FAN fail detect (for two fans), Power detection


440mm(W) x 224mm(D) x 44mm(H)


Compliance with FCC Class A, CE


Compliance with UL, cUL, CE/EN60950-1

MTBF 85,203 hrs



Software Specification


Telnet management, web management, RS-232 console management


RFC 2863 Interface Group MIB, RFC3418 SNMP MIB, RFC 1213 MIBII, RFC 2011 MIB, RFC 1493 Bridge MIB, RFC 2674 VLAN MIB, RFC 2665 Ethernet Like MIB, RFC 1215 Trap MIB, RFC2819 RMON MIB, RFC 2096 IP Forwarding Table MIB**, RFC2933 IGMP MIB**, RFC2618 Radius Client MIB**, TACACS+ Authentication Client MIB**, Private MIB**

RFC standard

RFC2030 SNTP, RFC2821 SMTP, RFC1757 RMON1, RFC1157 SNMP, RFC1215 Trap, RFC0826 ARP, RFC0792 ICMP, RFC1112, RFC2131, RFC2236, RFC3376, RFC1122, RFC1349, RFC2474, RFC2742.


Link down/Link up trap, Cold start/Warm start trap, Authentication fail trap, Fan fail trap, Power event trap.

Flow Control

Support IEEE802.3x Flow control:
Flow control for 10/100/1000 full duplex
Back pressure for 10/100 half duplex

Firmware Upgrade


Configuration upload and download

System quick installation and backup by TFTP.

Port Trunk

Support IEEE802.3ad with LACP function. Up to 7 trunk groups with failover feature and the member up to 8 ports.

Spanning Tree

IEEE802.1d Spanning tree
IEEE802.1w Rapid spanning tree
IEEE802.1s Multiple spanning tree**, 256Groups.
Spanning tree guard/Root Guard**


Port based VLAN, up to 24 groups
The static VLAN groups up to 4K entries and dynamic VLAN groups up to 256, the VLAN ID can be assigned from 1 to 4094.
GVRP up to 2K groups.
Double Tag VLAN support.**
Private VLAN Security.**

MVR **

Support Multicast VLAN Registration

Class of Service

Per port 8 priority queues and support strict and WRR priority rule.
Weight round ratio (WRR): 14: 12: 10: 8: 6: 4: 2: 1

Quality of Service

Port based, Tag based, IPv4 Type of service, IPv4 Different service.


IGMP v1, v2. v3** The IGMP supports 256 multicast groups and IGMP query.

Port Security

Support 128 entries of MAC address for static MAC and another 128 for MAC filter

Port Mirror

Support 3 mirroring types: RX, TX and Both packet.

Bandwidth Control

Per port support ingress rate limiting and egress rate shaping control.
The rate limiting and rate shaping can be setting 64kbps by each level.(64kbps, 128kbps,256kbps...etc).

Access security

1. IP Management Security: Support IP addresses security to prevent unauthorized intruder. 
2. TACACS+**

802.1x Authentication

Support IEEE802.1x User-Authentication and can report to RADIUS server. 
- Reject 
- Accept
- Authorize
- Disable

Access Control List

The system provides 256 Policy Control Lists and the key size support 48bytes or 24 bytes. Based on 24 bytes key size, the policy rule can support to 256 lists and the rule can by packet type, VLAN ID, MAC address, IP address, TOS field, COS value and service number.


DHCP client and DHCP Server.


Provide DNS client feature and support Primary and Secondary DNS server.

System log

Provide remote storage ability and also can view the log by Web/Telnet/SNMP interface.
Maximum entry support 1000 records.


Support RFC2030 SNTP client.


System supports 5 mail accounts and 2 Mail servers for Primary and Secondary.
The SMTP will auto send event message to supervisor whom is pre-defined in the SMTP system through the pre-defined mail server.

Packet filter

Broadcast storm control


Support IEEE 802.1ab Link Layer Discovery Protocol

  • LGS-2300-RPS………………...….….......P/N: 8370-550
    Gigabit Slot Modular Chassis SNMP L2 + Switch with Redundant Power Supply Socket; 0°C to 45°C
  • 8xGigaT Module………...…………….....P/N: 8370-560
    8x 10/100/1000T Module 
  • 8xGigaSFP Cage Module………...........P/N: 8370-590
    8x GigaSFP Module 
  • 4GT4SFP Cage Module………...…….....P/N: 8370-595
    4 x 10/100/1000T + 4x Gigabit SFP Cage Module



DIN Rail Power

  • AD1048-24FS
    24VDC, 2A, Wide AC Input, Convection Cooled, DIN Rail or Wall Mounted, RoHS, Operating Temp. -20°C~50°C
  • AD1024-24F
    24VDC, 1A, Wide AC Input, Convection Cooled, DIN Rail or Wall Mounted, RoHS, Operating Temp. -20°C~50°C
  • AD1240-48S
    48VDC, 5A, Wide AC Input, Build-in fan Cooled, DIN Rail or Wall Mounted, RoHS, Operating Temp. -20°C~50°C
  • AD1120-48F
    48VDC, 2.5A, Wide AC Input, Build-in fan Cooled, DIN Rail or Wall Mounted, RoHS, Operating Temp. -20°C~50°C



  • 8330-168    MINI GBIC 10/100/1000T (100m) Transceiver
  • 8330-162    MINI GBIC 1000SX (LC/0.5km) Transceiver
  • 8330-163    MINI GBIC 1000SX2 (LC/2km) Transceiver
  • 8330-165    MINI GBIC 1000LX (LC/10km) Transceiver
  • 8340-0591  MINI GBIC 1000LHX (LC/40km) Transceiver
  • 8330-166    MINI GBIC 1000XD (LC/50km) Transceiver
  • 8330-169    MINI GBIC 1000XD (LC/60km) Transceiver
  • 8330-167    MINI GBIC 1000ZX (LC/80km) Transceiver
  • 8330-170    MINI GBIC 1000EZX (120km) Transceiver
  • 8330-188    LTSFP-1000BX-10KM Transceiver (WDM 1310)
  • 8330-189    LTSFP-1000BX-10KM Transceiver (WDM 1550)
  • 8330-186    LTSFP-1000BX-20KM Transceiver (WDM 1310)
  • 8330-187    LTSFP-1000BX-20KM Transceiver (WDM 1550)
  • 8330-180    LTSFP-1000BX-40KM Transceiver (WDM 1310)
  • 8330-182    LTSFP-1000BX-40KM Transceiver (WDM 1550)
  • 8330-181    LTSFP-1000BX-60KM Transceiver (WDM 1310)
  • 8330-183    LTSFP-1000BX-60KM Transceiver (WDM 1550)
  • 8330-184    LTSFP-1000BX-80KM Transceiver (WDM 1490)
  • 8330-185    LTSFP-1000BX-80KM Transceiver (WDM 1550)
d-lgs-2300-rps.pdfLink para download
m-lgs-2300-rps.pdfLink para download
lgs-2300-rps_v205k205.binLink para download