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EX- 9541 - MM

EX- 9541 - MM

The fiber optic converter of RS485/422/232 to Fiber Optic is used to extend 
distance up to 2Km over multi-mode fiber or up to 20Km over single-mode fiber.
The converter is equipped with multiple interface circuit such as RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 (2 or 4-wire). It secures data transmission at speeds up to 115.2bps for RS-232, or up to 500Kbps for RS-422/485.

-  DB-9 or Terminal block option
-  Speeds up to 115.2Kbps base for RS-232, 500Kbps for RS-422/485
-  Extend transmission distance up to 20Km
Technical Specification:
Model No. Interface Fiber Type Wave Length (nm) Distance
EX9541 DB-9(male) Multi-mode 820 2Km
EX9542 DB-9(male) Single-mode 1310 20Km

Standards: TIA/EIA-232(ITU-T V.28)
                 TIA/EIA-422(ITU-T V.11)

Network Interface:



RS-232 (Terminal block/DB9) 1
RS-485/422 (Terminal block/DB9) 1
ST Fiber Transceiver 1

Data Transfer Rate and Maximum Cable Distance
Configuration Rate (bps) Up to distance
RS-232 115.2K 15m (50ft)
RS-422/485 90K 1220m (4000ft)
RS-422/485 500K 92m (300ft)
MM Fiber 10M 2Km
SM Fiber 10M 20Km
RS-232 Port: Terminal Back / DB9
RS-422 Port: Terminal Back / DB9
RS-485 Port: Terminal Back / DB9
ST Fiber Port: Full duplex/Half duplex

Fiber cable: 50 / 125, 62.5 / 125, or 100 / 140µm multi-mode
                  8.3 / 125, 8.7 / 125, 9 / 125 or 10 / 125µm single mode

Data Transfer Rate: up to 115.2Kbps (RS-232)
                               up to 500Kbps (RS-485 / 422)

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