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Facts at a glance:

  • All major Fieldbus and Real-Time Ethernet protocols as Master and Slave
  • Dual-Port-Memory with 8/16 bit data bus to the host
  • Single hardware for all Real-Time-Ethernet protocols
  • Low-Cost variants with address switch and fast SPI for Fieldbus Slave
  • Complete communication device including network specific connection
  • PROFINET IRT device with fiber-optics pursuant AIDA
  • Ready to use, due to preloaded firmware
  • One design for all networks due to consistent interfaces and tools
  • Integrated Web-Server



Communication Module CA-Type
PROFIBUS-DP /Master /Slave

The comX communication module is designed for integration in automation devices e.g. robot controllers, PLCs or drives to add a network interface. The high-end network controller netX carries out all communication tasks independent from the processor of the target device. With an 8/16-Bit Data bus the application has direct access to the process data via a Dual-Port-Memory.

comX supports all leading Real-Time Ethernet protocols as Master or Slave and covers all network specific requirements in a single module. For support of a line topology the module has been equipped with two Ethernet ports. A change of the protocol can be done quickly and reliable by just loading the corresponding firmware. The Fieldbusses can be delivered as pure Slave module with address switch or as universal module for Master and Slave. Master functionality will easily be enabled with a software license.

All comx modules are available as variant CA with angled network connector or as variant CN with a connector plug to the baseboard.

Description Communication Module CA-Type
PROFIBUS-DP /Master /Slave
Diagnostic Interface UBS/UART
System interface 8/16-Bit Dual-Port-Memory
Operating voltage 3,3 V / max. 750 mA
Dimensions (LxWxH) 70 x 30 x 21.5 mm
Operating temperature -20°C...65°C


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