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Facts at a glance:

  • One PC Card for all Real-Time-Ethernet Systems
  • One PC Card that runs Master and Slave Protocols
  • Data Exchange via Dual-Port-Memory (DPM) or Direct-Memory-Access (DMA)
  • Unified User Interface for Various Protocols
  • Ten-year Commitment of Availability
  • SyCon.net Configuration Tool based on FDT/DTM Technology
  • Note: cifX product are not available as SERCOS III master



Communication Interface Mini PCI Express
Ethernet in industrial automation technology promised transfer of huge amounts of data through all levels of
the communication pyramid and, at the same time, to benefit from low cost office components. The reality is
that various industrial automation systems demand determinism, minimal jitter and a line topology. This
implies the use of additional hardware, so standard Ethernet components cannot be used throughout these
applications. Often a ten-year commitment of availability for these products is requested by the industry and
therefore specific PC hardware is used in automation applications.
The cifX PC card series offers a solution that supports a broad variety of real-time Ethernet systems. It
utilizes the netX controller chip and a SDRAM and provides maximum performance, functionality and
flexibility for a fair price.
The protocols for cifX are delivered as loadable firmware on the provided CD. If the cifX driver
finds a loadable firmware during system start-up, it loads this firmware into the board.
This approach provides a simple way to reconfigure the system for different Ethernet
protocols. A license code is required for master applications or used together with an OPC
server. The license can be purchased with the cifX or later on and is stored on the board.
This means reduction to one type of PC card and therefore less diversity in terms of
purchase management. Additionally, this approach reduces cost for warehouse, logistic,
engineering, setup and maintenance.

Product CIFX 90E-REF
Description Communication Interface Mini PCI Express
In scope of delivery Assembly interface Ethernet AIFX-RE
Technical Data  
Interface PCI Express, One-Lane Port
Operating Temperature 0..55°C
Operating Voltage 3.3 V / max. 650 mA
Dimensions (L x W x H) 51 x 30 x 4,5 mm
EtherCAT Slave  
Cyclic Data max. 400 Bytes
Acyclic Data SDO Master/Slave
SDO Slave/Slave
Functions 3 FMMUs and 4 SYNC-Manager
COE (CANopen over Ethernet)
Complex Slave
EtherCAT Master  
Cyclic Data max. 11520 Bytes
Acyclic Data CoE (CANopen over EtherCAT)Up-/Download
Functions Emergency
Get OD List
Topologie: Linie
EtherNet/IP Scanner/Master  
Cyclic Data max. 11520 Bytes
Unscheduled Data max. 504 Bytes per Telegram
Functions Cyclic Connection
max. 64 Connections
UCMM supported
Client Services Get_Attribute_Single/All
EtherNet/IP Adapter  
Cyclic Data max. 1008 Bytes
Unscheduled Data max. 1400 Bytes per Telegram
Functions Cyclic Connection
one E/A Connection
max. 8 Connections
UCMM supported
Server Services Get_Attribute_All
Modbus TCP/IP Server  
Function code 1,2,3,4,5,6,15,16
Register (16-Bit) max. 120 or 125 Register per Telegram
Coil (1-Bit) max. 1968 or. 2000 Coils per Telegram
Message Modus In/Out-Data Image not used
I/O-Mode Server max. 11520 Byte I/O Data
PowerLink Controlled Node/Slave  
Cyclic Data max. 2980 Bytes
Acyclic Data SDO Up-/Download
Functions SDO over ASND and UDP
Poll Request/Response Response Time 1μs
Version V2
Cyclic Data max. 2048 Bytes (IOCR)
Acyclic Data Read/Write Record, max 1024 Bytes/Telegram
Functions Context Management over CLRPC
Process- and Diagnostic Alarm
1 Submodul
Diagnostic, max 200 Bytes/Telegram
max. 244 modules
variance comparison of the configuration
VLAN- and Priority-Tagging
PROFINET IO Controller  
Cyclic Data max. 6144 Bytes
acyclic data Read/Write Record, max. 4096 Bytes/Request
Functions Alarm Handling
Context Managment over CLRPC
max. 32 Devices
minimum cycle time 1 ms
Per Device one Puffer available for Diagnostic Data
Realtime Data max. 2800 Bytes
Acyclic Data Service Channel Read/Write/Standard Commands
Functions Max. 8 Subdevices
Phase Run Up
Ring and Line Topology
Version V1.1
VARAN Client  
cyclic data max. 256 Byte IN/ 256 Byte OUT
functions integrated EMAC for IP data exchange with client application
integrated 2 Port- Splitter for daisy chain topology support
PLL functionality to synchronize client application with VARAN network
version V1.1.1.0


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