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Facts at a glance:

  • Completion of the entire protocol stack Completion of the entire protocol stack Completion of the entire protocol stack
  • Data exchange via dual-port memory Data exchange via dual-port memory
  • Unified User Interface for Various Protocols
  • Variant with PCI, PCI Express, Mini PCI, or CompactPCI
  • One-year Commitment of Availability
  • SyCon.net Configuration Tool based on FDT/DTM Technology



PCI Communication Interface netX for CC-Link - COMBICON 5-pin
Fieldbus technology with it various standards is an established technology and will coexist for many years
beside the upcoming Real-Time systems. With collected experience in fieldbus technology over the last 15
years and more than fifty thousands sold PC cards Hilscher introduces the next generation of cifX communication
interfaces: They are based on the high sophisticated netX 100 network controller and differ from each
other only in the physical interface. They provide the maximum of performance, functionality and flexibility for
the best price-performance ratio. A ten-year commitment of availability is guaranteed using of the Hilscher
own network controller.

The protocols for cifX are provided as loadable firmware on a CD. The driver loads the firmware
into the cifX during each system start-up. This is a simple way to using the card either as
master or as slave. A license is required for master firmware. The license can be purchased
with the cifX or at later time and is remanently saved in the card.

Product CIFX 50-CC(S)
Description PCI Communication Interface netX for CC-Link - COMBICON 5-pin
CC-Link Slave  
Station typ Remote Device Station
Cyclic data max. 368 Bytes In and Out
I/O Data 112 Bytes (RY/RX), 256 Bytes (RWw/RWr)
Expansion cycles 1,2,4,8
System interface PCI, 33 MHz DPM
Operating voltage 3.$ V / max 650 mA
Operating temperature 0 °C - 55 °C
Dimensions (LxWxH) 120 x 72 x 18 mm


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