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CIF 104-PB

Facts at a glance:

  • Execution of the PROFIBUS protocol stack without load of the PC
  • Direct access to the process data in the Dual-Port-Memory
  • Easy diagnostic via LED status display
  • Configuration data is stored in internal FLASH memory
  • Graphic System Configurator with unified 'look and feel' for all fieldbus systems
  • Identical 'easy-to-use' application interface on all Communication Interfaces
  • Device driver for Windows® and Linux included
  • OPC server available


CIF 104-PB

Communication Interface PC/104
The Communication Interface as a Master on the PROFIBUS network exchanges independently the data between the devices on the bus and the internal process image. The process image is held in the dual-port memory and the application can access the data directly.
The configuration is carried out with the aid of our System Configurator SyCon® or directly from the application program. It is stored in the device and is available immediately at the start time.
The Slave devices are configured by the Master via the PROFIBUS network. With it only the relevant data in the process image is passed to or is taken from the application.

Product CIF 104-PB
Description Communication Interface PC/104
Option Connector
DSub 9-pin
Square post 10-pin angled | P
Square post 10-pin straight | S
Square post 16-pin angled | H
Square post 16-pin straight | V
In scope of delivery C functions library DRV-TKIT 
COM interface DRV-COM 
Device driver Windows DRV-WIN 
Device driver Linux DRV-LNX
Documentation on CD CD-SYS

Basic version System Configurator
Order seperately System Configurator SYCON-PB
Related products Device driver Windows CE DRV-CE
Service cable CAB-SRV
only for option P S Flat ribbon cable CAB-PM
Assembly Interf. AIF 104-PB-DIAG
only for option H V Assembly interface AIF 104-PB
Assembly interface AIF 104-DIAG-RY
Card format PC/104
Bus interface ISA
Dual-Port-Memory 8 KByte
Interrupt 3-7, 9-12, 14, 15
PROFIBUS interface EN 50 170
Transmission rate 9,6 kBaud to 12 Mbaud
Controller ASPC2
Interface RS485, optically isolated
Connector DSub-female connector 9-pin
Square post 10-pin angled P H
Square post 10-pin straight S V
Diagnostic Interface RS232C, non-isolated
Connector DSub-male connector 9-pin
Square post 10-pin angled P
Square post 10-pin straight S
Square post 16-pin angled H
Square post 16-pin straight V
Display RDY, RUN, STA, ERR
Operating voltage 5 V ±5% / 650 mA
Operating temperature 0 °C - 55 °C
Dimensions (LxWxH) 90 x 96 x 25 mm
Weight approx. 120 g
CE sign Yes

CIF 104-PB

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